Bengees presented at Web Summit

Bengees to Web Summit

You have direct contact with your friends. You can comment on each other’s ads by chatting, placing a bid or share ads with others.


Take a photo, write a promotional text and post your ad directly on the timeline of your network. It's that easy.


Invite as many friends as you want, because together you sell faster, find better products and it’s just more fun.

Bengees is now available for iOS and Android.

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Selling to friends is much more fun than selling to strangers!
And you’re more at ease buying from someone you know

Bengees is the first app to combine social media and online shopping. That’s how you can sell your products to people in your own environment. These people can be your best friend or your neighbor’s sister. Does not matter. What matters is that you make someone happy with your things, you don’t get strangers at the door and you have, yet again space in the attic or in your bookcase.

It is super-fun and easy.

Place your ad on the timeline of all your Bengees contacts. They can send you a message, place a bid or share your ad with their friends.

That’s how you create your personal online market.

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